Josiah Swanson

July 22, 2020

Miracles Everywhere

        The other evening, my family was discussing miracles when we came to a realization. If you are willing to accept it, everything in existence is desperately dependent on Jesus’ ability to sustain it (Paul wrote about this in Colossians). So, could we pull back the curtains of the play called life, we might be surprised to find that we use the word “miracle” far too sparingly. And, depending on the definition of the word, one might say that the entire universe is built on, and energized by, an endless supply of “miracles.” Only in our ignorance have we neglected to give the great Playwright and His angel-assistants an abundance of thank-you’s for miracles, big and small.

        My parting thought: it’s probably not by chance that we don’t acknowledge the LORD enough; there is an enemy that would like to get us to explain every last detail away without ever bringing Jesus into the conversation. He really hates it when we give Him any credit.