Josiah Swanson

February 22, 2018

My Heart Exploded with Emotion

Whales jump from and into a pool of swirling blues.
Enigmatic waves crash, sending new colors and sounds into my mortal perception.
I can only pretend to understand the beauty and discover its mysteries.
Even then, it's easier to fall into mesmerization than to try to comprehend.

February 18, 2018

Dark Beams and the Ending of Festivities

As the road is traversed
It winds towards an uneven coast of varying rock types
Sand and stone
I come to the understanding that the ceiling above has lowered
The stars, even the closet One, have been hidden from my view by those vast and perplexing beams
Some black, some purple
Even others appears red
But most are gloomy
They shelter me and show me that today will be slow and meditative
We roam under these mammoth beams; we also search for truth
Although the clouds limit out view, we are inspired by these beams’ colossal presence
The darkness seems like a friend at first
It resembles the state of our hearts on that difficult night when we found that the ones we trusted disowned us
So, maybe the darkness is not as much a friend as it is a companion
It is not welcomed as a friend would be, but it invades nonetheless and is interpreted
Not unlike a ticking clock that reminds one of how much longer the evening’s festivities will last