Josiah Swanson

June 5, 2017

The Lantern Brass and Bridge of the Few

A boy named Vince once went on a long quest
He sought out water just like all the rest
There was, at the time, a terrible drought
The land was a desert, scorched and dried out
His Father gave Vince two things on leaving:
A brass lantern and words for receiving
“Find water that lasts ‘cross Bridge of the Few;
Wander in dark but the lamp will glow through.”

Vince hurried to the bridge spoken about
Arriving, he found a dangerous route
A mountain ahead and river below,
He started to cross, stepping on tiptoe
The wood creaked and shook; the rope almost ripped
The boy with his load fell down ‘cause he tripped
“I cannot do this!” Vince screamed out in fear,
“I’ll find water at another frontier!”
Bridge of the Few was left in a hurry
The dusty, dry boy stomped in a fury

Then Vince came across the well-digging folk
He bought their water and went a month broke
Angry Vince was, yet again, when they found
The water from wells dried up in the ground
Vince moved on to the substitute drinkers
Their liquid of sorts made them bad thinkers
Vince hated the taste of the drink cherished
And left the town when the drinkers perished

Lastly, Vince came to explorers so bold
Seen from afar: an oasis, behold
The boy joined their club and prepped for the tour
They soon rode horses and through paths obscure
Just after they left, a lad came to pass
And in his hand was a lantern of brass!
Vince asked, “Where are you traveling, my friend?”
“The Bridge of the Few I plan to ascend.”
“That bridge is unsafe and terribly old;
You should be careful to not be cajoled.”
“But I will be quenched by springs that abound.”
The lad with his lamp kept feet to the ground
Vince stayed with his club, perplexed by the lad
“Could Father be right?” he asked rather sad

The travel ensued and then the band stopped
To utter dismay their sights had been swapped
Where water was seen, a mirage had formed
The club was done for; Vince was misinformed
With money no more and a broken heart,
Vince thought of the Bridge, the bridge worlds apart
His Father’s words rang, the lad’s words did too
Death has come after all he has been through
“The water that lasts is now too far gone!”
Vince cried out these words and gazed at the dawn

Suddenly coming from the vast distance
Was an eagle of flying assistance
It swooped down beside and Vince climbed aboard
The eagle was kind and spoke as it soared
“I can now take you to where you must go.
The water on the mount few come to know.”
The bird stopped not once but came to the bridge
And said, “You know how to cross to the ridge.”

The bird flew away and Vince stood up swift
He pulled out his lamp, now using his gift
The wood creaked and shook; the rope almost ripped
But Vince did not fall, for he was equipped
The lamp and its light shined bright through the dark
Vince came to the end and made this remark:
“The lamp in my hand has guided the way!
Now I have found the water that will stay.”

He dropped his load and jumped into a lake
More drink than enough could he now partake
He found the lad and together they went
Back down to the towns to guide the ascent
Their task was to share about the true way,
To expose lies, and shine bright like the day
Truthfully spoken was this tale for you
‘Bout the lantern brass and Bridge of the Few


Desert View

Matthew 7: 13-14
“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate.
The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.
But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”

Thank you for reading,
"The Lantern Brass and Bridge of the Few"