Josiah Swanson

July 1, 2017

Two Guys and Lots to Do

        Alright, I don't have all night, so I'll make it quick.

        I want you to know that I am working steadily on Sub-Marine, which is really my pride and joy.  As I have written this story, though, something peculiar has happened: I began to worry less and less about whether I was painting a picture that I had had in my mind, and began focusing more on my characters-who they were, and who they were supposed to become: I began to fear that my story would be too much about dress-up and not enough flesh: I want this to be a story about people who learn and grow...

        Now, considering my new-found love for story, it shouldn't surprise you that I have also been re-motivated in the movie-making realm.  Yesterday morning, my brother and I thought, "We don't have much going on; let's make a movie."  So, within about five or six hours, we had made "Two Guys", a super-short comedy about friendship.  Jonah and I wrote, directed, filmed, and acted out this film in one morning.  And...  We had a blast!  (I have to give major props to Jonah who not only made the music for the film, but also came up with most of the story.  He and I are truly on the same page when it comes to story telling; he's been my loyal advisor, colleague, and fellow-enthusiast.)

        In the last few months, we've been on all sorts of excursions in Oregon and California.  Along the way, I've shot plenty of 35mm pics with my Canon AE-1 and my Canon QL G-III.  I'm only showing some of 'em here, but I think you'll like the way they turned out.  Cheers!





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