Josiah Swanson

February 13, 2017

Cloudless Days and Calculations

        The surf, I think, sketching an equation and sipping my coffee, it must be pretty good right now.  Oh! I forgot about that assignment that was due!  So, I outline, research, write, grab another coffee.  Go skate.

Josiah Skateboarding at His House

        Life is incredible.  I must be careful not to take my blessings for granted.

Huge Waves on the North Shore

Moments rush by.
Vibraphone playing from a nearby speaker climbs an octave and the palm tree outside my window sways in the wind.

Submarine Design

What's this?

Ehukai in the Spring Time Mountains from the Water Whale Tail Swimming in a Line on the North Shore Dolphins Jumping out of the Water Luke Watching for Whales Gas Chambers Property Spider Web in Pupukea Christmas Day Surf Session

  Christmas Day, last year

Bird in Hawaii Flying over the Water Jonah and Luke Checking the Surf

Jonah and Luke

Gums View From Afar A Storm Brewing on the North Shore

Salt clings to a louver in the beach house
A spider is hiding underneath a floorboard
I finish school and become encompassed by the swirling water and some turtles and turquoise-blue waves and gritty sand and life itself.