Josiah Swanson

October 13, 2016

New Stories and Some Recent Photography

        Greetings from Pupukea Hill here on Oahu, Hawaii!

        A while back I wrote a fictional story called Lost on a Tropic Isle.

        Well, I've just decided to make a sequel and this next episode begins where the last one left off.

        If you want to read the first story, go here.  The sequel will probably be released in February of 2017, (exactly a year from the original).

        If you didn't already know, I've been slowly working on Sub-Marine, a novella.  This story is really important to me because it's been floating around in my mind for many years.  I am extremely excited about what it has become and hope to release it sometime this winter!


        Anyway, this past summer was a great one and, as always, I took plenty of photos.  I've been learning a lot about film photography and have taken a bunch of pictures along the way.  Here's some of my favorite 35mm pics from the last few months.

Sunset at Gas Chambers Moonset in Hawaii


Makua Bay Spearfishing in Hawaii Beach Scene in the Spring Heading down to Gas Chambers Sunset at Gas Chambers Dolphins in Hawaii Looking for Waves Bonfire with the Youth Group Jonah Swanson Model

        I had to throw in a couple digitals in too!

Waimea Bay Moonset Slow Motion Backdoor Waimea Bay Crowd Moon Detail


Swirly clouds circle above
Walls of water wait to greet me
I only know this life I live
Slave to the sea
Prisoner of the waves