Josiah Swanson

May 15, 2016

A California Story

        So, the other morning, I went to this pier.

        I was walking around and decided to get a drink.  I wanted to try something new; I looked at the menu: Coffee, Latte, Espresso.   Espresso?  That sounds good.

        I asked a questionable man behind the counter for an Espresso.  He gave me a dubious smile and took my five-dollar bill.

        I walked around a bit.  "Espresso!"

        On the counter was a tiny paper cup.  Being an amateur coffee drinker, I was nothing short of perplexed when I saw how small the serving was.  I looked at the man.  I supposed he was trying a play a trick on an unknowledgeable and innocent teenager.  I gave him a curious look.  He didn't crack.  I grabbed the drink and ran.

        I gave the Espresso a try.  It was horribly strong.  I sipped it down in a minute or two.

        Still confused, I biked home awake as ever.  Although it wasn't my favorite drink, it was plenty fun trying something new.

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