Josiah Swanson

March 27, 2016
A Poem for Easter

Easter Sunset

A King once made a special place
A place that He made good
A place where two could know Him well
A place where two just would
The King gave them a strict command
To keep or to deny
The two obeyed quite easily
But then the Fall was nigh

Suddenly a dragon came
To steal from the King
The two whom He had loved so much
By giving them this thing
This thing seemed awesome to the two
And it was known by pride
The two then broke their kingdom’s bond
To find the beast had lied

The King left them to live alone
With no escape but death
He gave their sons another way
To give through them a breath
The people had to sacrifice
A pure and perfect life
To keep the bond with their old King
In their rebellious strife

It was soon that they forgot
The true account of old
The King devised a lovely plan
The best one to be told
He sent His son, His only Son
To do a precious deed
He’d sacrifice His own dear life
And save them by His bleed

The Son then took upon himself
The wrath of God above
The wrath was never His to take
He spared them by His love
Jesus’ mission was to save
And take back what was lost
In pain He suffered on that tree
And paid in full their cost

Jesus died a sinners’ death,
Was taken to a tomb
Then three days by an angel came
Beside, an empty room!
Jesus conquered death for good
He proved it on His own!
He is not in that tomb today
He sits upon His throne!

And those who now remember this
Can come to know the Lord
The King awaits with open arms
To offer great reward
This King gave such a sacrifice
To free all from their wrong
The King is bringing back his realm
It's where we all belong