Josiah Swanson

February 8, 2016

Last Year's Travels and Recent News

        Wow!  I feel like a lot has happened in these last few weeks; It's been really exciting...

        I just got my driver's license and I've been CRUISING!  Also, I wrote a fictional short story that you should go read if you haven't already!  It's actually pretty hard to try to make sure that you're using the right vocabulary for a story that's supposed to be written in the 1790's, (especially when your trying to study for sketchy school exams)!  Don't get too mad if I wan't completely accurate, okay?

Smiley Face GIF

        Anyway, I've been thinking about a really fun trip my family and I went on last fall.  It began in Washington State, and like usual, my grandparents hosted us...

Gig Harbor View Finholm General Store

Finholm General Store, (my great-grandpa's store from back in the day sits right next to my grandparent's home)

Gig Harbor Autumn Scene Hester Grandparents Home in Washington Gig Harbor Private Dock

        After a few days in Gig Harbor, we went off to Idaho and took a long trek to get to a ski resort.  My Mom's brother co-owns a condo in Sun Valley that he stays at yearly; he let our whole extended family stay there with his family for Thanksgiving!  We had such a blast.

Mountain in Sun Valley Hotspring in Idaho

Secret Hotspring spot

Christmas Time in Sun Valley

        After a few days of fantastic snowboarding and a huge Thanksgiving feast, we headed home and bided our farewells to Mount Baldy and the land of Potatoes.

Mount Baldy, Idaho