Josiah Swanson

September 10, 2015

Desert Wanderings

        My brothers and I found ourselves on dusty trails and dry river beds at the beginning of summer of this year.  Just before we went to California, my family (except for my dad) stayed at my grandparents' desert home in Arizona.  Like my California vacation, this trip was special because it had been a long time since my last stay in the area.

        I love staying at my grandparents' desert home for a few reasons.  Firstly, the weather, (although I can't bear it for much longer than a week), has a unique feel with its dry air and dead-wind.  The wildlife is also something that my brothers and I enjoy studying.  Jonah, Luke and I, (mostly Luke) take careful notice of the birds of the area, along with some observations of the land-roaming creatures: rabbits, snakes, and spiders.  Lastly, we had fun around the home.  Dune buggy riding is our favorite, although we also spent a lot time in the pool.

        Aside from going to the county-fair and on a few random mineral/crystal hunts in isolated areas of Yuma, my travels consisted mostly of dune buggy adventures with my brothers.  Of course, I automatically took the photo-duty!  :)

Luke in Dry Riverbed Desert Ferris Wheel Desert Trees Desert View Ghost Town Small Church in Desert Jonah in Desert Desert at Night Time Riverbed at Night Time ATV Trail