Josiah Swanson

November 19, 2015

The Beach Park

        Throughout my time here, I've fallen in love with the North Shore.  Even in a time like this, with so many people running around and so much going on, it's become obvious to me how special this place is.

Rocky Point, 2015

        The Beach Park is the portion of the North Shore of Oahu known for its perfect waves and spectacular scenery.  This stretch of beach resides along Kamehameha Highway past Waimea Valley at the base of Pupukea.

        During the summer, the Beach Park is very desolate because of its absence of waves.  The sand becomes dreadfully hot and the ocean dances in a beautiful light blue arrangement of colors.  Just on the other side of the Beach Park, Shark's Cove may be found.  While there are no waves, this rocky inlet is fantastic for exploring watery caves and observing Oahu's underwater life.  Throughout the months of intense heat, shady palms are regularly used as shelter from the sun.

Rocky Point in the Summer of 2015

        During the winter, the Beach Park becomes much more crowded with athletes and pleasure seekers because of the astounding waves.  As the fluctuating tide and powerful waves constantly pummel the shore, the beaches change and the setting is continually different.  Occasionally, sandbars form and provide fun surf throughout the season.  As the days become shorter and the waves bigger, the mood of the Beach Park turns into one of anticipation and pure exhilaration.

Three Tables Beach in 2015

        Among surfers, this stretch of beaches is considered the surfing capital of the world.  Rocky Point, Pipeline, and Ke’iki are a few of the Beach Park's incomparable surf breaks.  A world class skatepark and a flourishing elementary school are located just across the street.  Also found across the street is a short hike to the top of a small mountain.  At its peak, a mighty view over the North Shore can be witnessed.  With many great food trucks scattered along the highway, choosing where to eat diner can be hard at times.  Since this dreamland is such a haven for surfers, surfing brands have placed their own headquarters directly in front of the world class surf breaks for their team riders to stay at during the winter.  A shady bike path engulfed by a cave of tropical trees and greenery is an excellent way to get from one beach to another without having to trek through the blazing hot sand dunes.  If the sky isn't too cloudy, a colorful sunset will appear at dusk to bid the spectators a good night.