Josiah Swanson

August 26, 2015

California for the Summer

        This summer, I went to California with my family.  It was my first time there in a few years and it didn't take long for me to fall back in love with the place.  It's diversity amazes me and it's overall vibe is so special and unique.  I didn't only take photos-I did lots of surfing and writing.  I probably surfed more than anything else.  While we were there, we stayed all over the place: San Clemente, Newport Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Encinitas.

        Luke competed in some surf comps and I did some coaching and board caddying.  When my brother wasn't competing, we did a lot of shopping and sight-seeing.  We got to surf a bunch of different, sick breaks: Rincon Point, Lowers Trestles, Huntington Beach, and Manhattan Beach!  Overall, it was an awesome way to spend the summer...

Lost Winds Detail Lost Winds Beach Stairs at Rincon Jonah Surfing Rincon Jonah at Rincon


Flowers Josiah Surfing Huntington


Luke Surfing Huntington


Industrial View in California Half Moon in California Wave at Huntington Stormy Huntington Twilight in California Huntington from Above Above the Clouds in California

August 14, 2015

A Canadian Memoir

        As I sit here in my hot and muggy home in Hawaii, I love to reminisce some old trips I went on.  I was thinking of my family's Canadian vacation which took us to some desolate harbors in the Gulf Islands.  One harbor, I remember, was called, "Telegraph".

        Last year, Jonah, Luke and I visited this small harbor with our family.  Our grandparents are awesome; they take us all over the place each year, and this summer, we got to stay on their yacht while we roamed around Canada.  Although the harbor was small, we just ran around and did random things.  We played tetherball a bunch and our volleyball matches were full of laughter.  Luke and I took some pictures of the stars at night.  Like many of the Gulf Island harbors, Telegraph was a family owned center.  Not only did we get to meet the family, we also got to try their homemade treats; the ice cream was great!  Jonah and I got to take our grandpa's dingy around the harbor to check out the fishing stores and restaurants at the water's edge.  Here's some pics from around Telegraph Harbor:

Canadian Beach The Sly fox Luke at Telegraph Harbor Telegraph Harbor Shell Beach

August 8, 2015

A Strange Twilight

        About a year ago, on the north shore of Oahu, one particular sunset had interested me to the highest degree.  I was out in the ocean, surfing with two of my brothers, when the sun came down to the horizon.  As the clouds became dark and the sky changed from red to purple, my brothers and I decided to catch one more wave each and head in.

        But just before we could find a way in, the sky lit back up again.  A kind of twilight had come about long after the sun had set; the sky actually began to become brighter.  The twilight was pink and purple, unlike the usual north shore's night sky.  I don't know the reason behind the strange light but it was a cool spectacle.  This continued for about twenty minutes, so my brothers and I decided to continue surfing.

        The sky then faded again, leaving us in darkness, and we left to our home, tired and happy.

A Strange Twilight